Pan Am Semifinals – more details

Dear players,

The Pan Am Semifinals will be starting soon but we wanted to mention a few details that are important:

  • Players that qualified in one of the 33 preliminary sections must confirm their intention to play the semifinals otherwise they will not play. You may accomplish this by simply sending us a message.
  • To see if you have confirmed your intention to play review this table’s last column.
  • If you qualified in the preliminaries you do not have to pay an additional entry fee
  • If you are rated 2200 or higher, you can also register directly into the semifinals. This table shows the direct entries to semifinals.
  • As you may have noticed, it is allowed to play in many semifinal sections however only one qualification per player to the final is allowed.
  • What if you play in many semifinal sections and qualify to the final in all of them?. We will only validate the qualification with the best performance and use the following criteria if required: total points, Baumbach rule, SB, number of wins with black. The runner up will advance to the final in those sections with lower performance.


  1. Steven Lund left a comment on December 22, 2019 at 8:28 pm

    When are the Pan AM Semifinals scheduled to start? Can I register for the event using my January 2020 published rating, of 2283, if applicable, to register?

    Thank you.

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