Computers and Understanding in Today’s Correspondence Chess

This post examines the relation of computers and understanding in correspondence chess. “Chess Training for Candidate Masters” is a book by Grandmaster Kalinin aimed at addressing the fact that today’s aspiring chess masters have benefited greatly from working with chess computers.  Altough the book is aimed at over the board players, the book has great insights […]

4th Individual Interzonal Preliminaries- tournament announcement

The tournament organizer Everdinand Knol (RSA) has submitted the following tournament announcement: Tournament AnnouncementThe purpose of this event is to develop the spirit of amici sumus among players worldwide (in all ICCF Zones) and to provide opportunities to qualify for title norms.This event will start with a preliminary stage consisting of groups of 9 players […]

Sanakoev’s CC playing rules

This post reviews a book that is a treasure trove of insights into CC. Sanakoev is the 12th World Correspondence Champion, 1985-92. The book relates his three attempts to win the Championship. WORLD CHAMPION AT THE THIRD ATTEMPT (Grigory Sanakoev). GAMBIT PUBLICATIONS 256 pages (210 mm by 145 mm). £9.50/$14.95/€12,85  ISBN (10 digits): 1-901983-11-0 ISBN (13 […]

USA is a candidate to win a medal in the ICCF Olympiad by Juan Perez

The Final of the XXI ICCF Olympiad started last January 13, 2020 with 13 teams. The World Zone is represented by the USA, whose team has advanced to the Finals for the 12th time in their history. They have assembled a formidable team including GM Stephen Ham, GM Daniel Fletwood, GM Tim Murray, GM Jon […]

Adel Faridani, first WZ GM by Juan Perez

IM Adel Faridani (USA) took first place in the WZ GM tournament # 5 obtaining his second norm and therefore the title of World Zone Grandmaster. He had earned his first norm in the WZ GM tournament # 1. Adel Faridani was born July 22, 1957. He is married. Received his Diplom in Physics in […]

WZ tournaments starting in December 2019

Our Head TD IA Juan Martello (ARG) reports the following events have started in December 2019: Open Class Open class 45/2019 Open class 46/2019 Open class 47/2019 Higher Class Higher class 19/2019 Master Class Master class 4/2019 WZ Individual Championship Preliminaries Prelim 14/2019 Prelim 15/2019 WZ Individual Championship Semifinals Semif 14/2019 PanAm Individual Semifinals 12 […]

WZ tournaments starting in October-November 2019

Our General TD IA Juan Martello (ARG) reports the following events have started in October-November: Open Class Open class 43/2019 Open class 44/2019 Higher Class Higher class 16/2019 Higher class 17/2019 Higher class 18/2019

Pan Am Semifinals – more details

Dear players, The Pan Am Semifinals will be starting soon but we wanted to mention a few details that are important: Players that qualified in one of the 33 preliminary sections must confirm their intention to play the semifinals otherwise they will not play. You may accomplish this by simply sending us a message. To […]

Pan Am Individual Championship – Semifinals

The World Zone Management Team is glad to announce that registration is open to the Pan Am Individual Championship Semifinals Time control: Triple Block 600 days Start date: 15 December 2019 Registrations: before 30 November 2019 11 or more players per sections, according to the number of entries Reserved for qualifiers from the Preliminaries and […]

WZ tournaments starting in September 2019

Our General TD IA Juan Martello (ARG) reports the following events have started in September: Open Class Open class 41/2019 Open class 42/2019 Master Norm Master norm 9/2019 WZ Individual Championship – Preliminaries Prelim 12/2019 Prelim 13/2019 WZ Individual Championship – Semifinals Semifinal 13/2019 WZ Individual Championship – Candidates Candidates 3/2019 Candidates 4/2019