WZ Norm tournaments

The World Zone delegates have approved a change in our tournament structure by creating the Norm tournaments.

These are tournaments that provide ICCF norms and in some cases, WZ norms and titles.

The Norm tournament cycle does not create any new events but rearranges events that have been in existence since the WZ was created and were previously listed as part of the Promotion events. One of the events was renamed, besides this all event rules remain the same.

These are the specific changes:

  • The Norm tournaments include the Correspondence Chess Expert (CCE) events, the WZ Master norm events and the WZ GM norm events
  • The Correspondence Chess Expert (CCE) events replace the old Master class events that have now been renamed as such
  • Top 2 places in a CCE section advance to the WZ MN, top 3 places in a WZ MN section advance to the WZ GM norm events as usual
  • Winners of the Promotion Higher class advance to the CCE events
  • The Promotion class events now only includes the Open class and Higher class tournaments


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