WZ Norm tournaments

The World Zone delegates have approved a change in our tournament structure by creating the Norm tournaments. These are tournaments that provide ICCF norms and in some cases, WZ norms and titles. The Norm tournament cycle does not create any new events but rearranges events that have been in existence since the WZ was created … Continue Reading

Preliminaries of the 5th Interzonal individual tournament

Preliminary stage of 5th Interzonal individual tournament, ICCF event. 9-player sections, time control 10/50 standard, top three players in each section advance Rating requirement: 2200-2375 Multiple entries allowed CHANGE: Norms available in the semifinals and final only, NOT in the preliminaries Start date: 12/20/2021 Entries close on 12/10/2021 Players from the following World Zone countries … Continue Reading

3rd Interzonal Individual semifinals

The semifinal stage of the 3rd. Interzonal Individual tournament will start by the end of this month and we need 8 players from the world zone rated 2400 or higher, to join other players in the tournament. There will be four 13-player sections, category 5. Norms available. If you would like to take this opportunity … Continue Reading

ICCF World Team Cup

ICCF has announced the World Team Cup: Announcement posted on the ICCF website Our zone will be able to submit a 20-player team of isolated players. What is an isolated player?. It is a player from a country that does not have a federation within the ICCF. This is a free rated event. A message … Continue Reading

Zvonko Juras 1948-2021

Croatian GM Leonardo Ljubicic reports that Mr. Zvonko Juras (CRO) has passed away. Zvonko’s Correspondence Chess career, he joined ICCF/CCCA in Feb 2015, and has played almost 400 games since. He earned his IM title in 2018, and has played on numerous occasions for Croatian team in various competitions. He won several tournaments – he … Continue Reading

11th Interzonal team tournament-update

The World Zone has been invited by the tournament organizer Yosua Sitorus (INA) to submit 3 8-board teams. The tournament will start on March 31, 2021. Each player will have 8 opponents per board in order to allow norms. Time control is 10/50 with duplication after 20 days, single round robin, 45 days of leave … Continue Reading

Friendly match World Zone versus Zone 1

The World Zone is organizing a rated Friendly Match against Zone 1.   Start date: November 1st Standard ICCF rules will apply with a time control 10 moves in 40 days   Participation is free, without charge.  2 games per player/board  The WZ team will be composed by players from all WZ member federations and isolated … Continue Reading

I OPEN TOURNAMENT Friends of Aristoteles (CUB)

Game platform: ICCF web server International open divided into two sections (classification list 2020-4) Main Section: For players with a rating higher than 2250, without categories. Players will be grouped in strict order of rating in sections of 11-13 players. Promotional Section: For players with a rating of 2250 or less, by category, which may vary … Continue Reading