About Us

THE WORLD ZONE launched on January 2018 and has been delivering high class and quality services to our chess membership ever since. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our member federations and players.

The World Zone board is made up of several volunteers from the countries that make up the zone. We are the following:

JASON BOKAR (USA), our ZONAL DIRECTOR has over 15 years of experience in ICCF and is passionate about exceeding your expectations. Most recently he has served as the Zonal Director of NAPZ, the National Delegate to ICCF for the US. Previously, he served as deputy director for NAPZ and ICCF Help Desk administrator. Dr. Bokar is an engineer and a professor – teaching automotive engineering. He has obtained the title of Grandmaster. He has been awarded the Bertl von Massow Silver Medal.


GINO FIGLIO (PER), our DEPUTY ZONAL DIRECTOR and FINANCIAL DIRECTOR has been continuously involved in ICCF since 1995 as a TD, but he was most recently the CADAP Zonal Director, ICCF Services Director, Help Desk Administrator and Web Master for the Server. Dr. Figlio is a pediatrician, and he is an SIM and International Arbiter. He has been awarded the Bertl von Massow Gold Medal.


FERDINAND BURMEISTER (USA), our AUDITOR has been an active correspondence player in ICCF, has a financial background for over 50 years and owns an Accounting, Audit, International Tax and Financial consulting firm on Oxnard, CA.


HERMANN RÖSCH (PAN), our INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT OFFICER has been involved in ICCF since 2005 as a player. He currently serves as the National Delegate from Panama. He is a systems engineer and holds the ICCF titles of CCM, CCE and FIDE CM.


JUAN ALBERTO MARTELLO (ARG), our TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR has been a player in ICCF since the 1980’s. He volunteered as TD and TO in many CADAP events. He also has served on the ICCF Disciplinary Committee since 2011, and the Rules Commission since 2015. He is an agricultural engineer by trade and has the titles of IM and IA. He also has been awarded the Bertl von Massow Silver Medal.


We consider our customers very much and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.