Zone 1 versus World Zone, historic match

Two years after the World Zone was created, we have embarked in our toughest and largest friendly match against the powerful zone 1 (Europe).

With 445 boards this is the largest friendly match in ICCF history using the webserver, the system now allows a maximum of 450 boards and we may even get there if additional ones are added in the near future.

Match Zone 1 vs WZ

This would not have been possible without the enthusiasm of players from both zones, Juan Martello (ARG) who organized the WZ team, and Andrey Pavlikov (RUS) in charge of the zone 1 team.

We also want to thank Martin Bennedik, Austin Lockwood and Juan Martello for testing and updating the system allowing for more boards per match.

May the best team win!

Gino Figlio

WZ Director


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