USA is a candidate to win a medal in the ICCF Olympiad by Juan Perez

The Final of the XXI ICCF Olympiad started last January 13, 2020 with 13 teams.

The World Zone is represented by the USA, whose team has advanced to the Finals for the 12th time in their history.

They have assembled a formidable team including GM Stephen Ham, GM Daniel Fletwood, GM Tim Murray, GM Jon Ostriker, GM Jason Bokar and SIM Jon Edwards.

Seeded in second place (average rating 2555) after the current champion Germany (2564), and ahead of Spain (2544) and Russia (2541) the three teams that medaled at the last Olympiads, the USA seeks to improve the third place they obtained at the XV Olympiad. Other remarkable performances by the american team were fourth place in the II Olympiad and sixth place in the XX Olympiad


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