New World Zone tournament entry fees

After ICCF Congress’ approval of proposal 2021-025, and the consequent overall reduction in ICCF entry fees, the World Zone delegates have decided that in order to simplify our finances and streamline the event entry process, we will be adopting a flat fee system for all of our tournaments effective January 1, 2022.

Two tournament types will be excluded from this system- our team events and also our cash prize event (World Zone Cup). In addition, it was decided that the WZ Individual Championship finals will be free for all qualifying players.

All other tournaments will be offered in our online store with an entry fee of $9 USA dollars.

As you may conclude, our lower category events will cost a bit more, but our higher category events will cost a lot less, improving access to all of our players.

We have estimated that this will not affect our finances in the long term and we are, after all, a non-profit organization.

The online store fees will be modified accordingly on January 1, 2022.


Gino Figlio

WZ Director


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