ICCF World Team Cup

ICCF has announced the World Team Cup:

Announcement posted on the ICCF website

Our zone will be able to submit a 20-player team of isolated players. What is an isolated player?. It is a player from a country that does not have a federation within the ICCF. This is a free rated event.

A message was sent to our players today requesting that if they have a flag that corresponds to a member federation, they contact their delegate to be part of their national team in this event.

Those players that do not have a federation within ICCF can contact me and play for the World Zone team of isolated players

You may see the list of players registered below

ICCF World Team Cup players

Board Name ICCF ID Rating Title Country
1 Ramirez, Jonathan 530099 2408 CCM VEN
2 Graterol, Servelión 530218 2405 IM VEN
3 Bernal Varela, Nelson 120101 2387 IM COL
4 Powers Jr., Kevincito 759001 2379 CCM GUM
5 Manrique Ochoa, Fernando 120150 2375 CCE COL
6 Eman, Juan 530063 2274 CCE VEN
7 Isea Fernández, Gerardo 530199 2215 VEN
8 Colina, Alejandro 530119 2163 VEN
9 Godoy, Mario D. 110089 2142 CHI
10 Rios Quijada, Octavio Jose 530288 2130 VEN
11 Oviedo Araujo, Angel 530090 2110 VEN
12 Delgado, Nisaul 530285 2104 VEN
13 Garcia-Carrillo, Exal 110116 1843 CHI
14 Teh, Beng Teik 891083 1800p MAS
15 Edels, Kevins 798001 1800p SEY
16 Wan Han Xuan, Thomas 590085 1800p SGP
17 TAN, WEI HONG 891079 1800p MAS
18 Cárdenas, Yusley 754004 1800p GEQ
19 Cabrera Trujillo, Claudio Tomas 110115 1718 CHI
20 Medina, Gilberto 530186 1434 VEN


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