I OPEN TOURNAMENT Friends of Aristoteles (CUB)

Game platform: ICCF web server

International open divided into two sections (classification list 2020-4)

  • Main Section: For players with a rating higher than 2250, without categories. Players will be grouped in strict order of rating in sections of 11-13 players.
  • Promotional Section: For players with a rating of 2250 or less, by category, which may vary by enrollment in a range not greater than 75 points.

Organizer: Cuban Postal Chess Federation (FECAP)

Time Control: Triple Block (400)

A time of reflection guaranteed of 3 days after the movement 50 it is applied.

This tournament allows claims based on the seven-piece finals basis.

Date of upload to the ICCF web server: October 10 to October 15, 2020.

Official start date: October 30, 2020.

Prizes: Paid by PayPal

– 40 EUROS for the winner of each section in groups 0.

– 30 EUROS for the winner of each section in groups 1 to 3.

– 25 EUROS to the winner of each section in groups 4 to 6.

– 20 EUROS for the winner of each section in groups 7 to 13.

Registration per participant: 10 EUROS (plus PayPal commission) via PayPal (dehm1963@gmail.com)

TO: David E. Hernández Molina (CUB)

TD: David E. Hernández Molina (CUB)

 Entries I OPEN TOURNAMENT Friends of Aristoteles

The life essence is: Serve others, do good things and play chess.

Answers to: giraldomr@nauta.cu, dehm1963@gmail.com

List of Players, Updated 08/27/2020:

NR           ID          Country             TITLE            NAME                                                2020-3            GROUPS

 1         690557           CUB               IM                    Pérez López, Alberto                       2461                      1

 2         690587           CUB               IM                    Fernández Martínez, Juan C.        2440                      1

 3         85280             GER               CCM               Hoppenstein, Michael                     2434                      1

 4         690023           CUB               SIM                 Salcedo Mederos, Pablo                2428                      1

 5         21387             ARG               IM (FIDE)       Iermito, Sebastian                           2421                      2

 6         440735           ROU               CCM               Ristea, Tudor                                    2417                      1

 7         690049           CUB               CCM               Kamanel Zamora, Juan F.              2353                      1

 8         82377             GER               SIM                 Tieman, Hagen                                2352                      1

 9         810174           WAL               CCM               Bishop, William                                2349                      1

10        910073           LAT                 CCM               Gulbis, Harijs                                    2346                      2

11        161320           ESP                CCM               Cacheiro Martinez, Martin              2340                      1

12        360624           NOR               CCE               Fremmegaard, Jens Tore               2337                      2

13        160017           ESP                IM                    Lanz Calavia , Jose Maria              2262                      2

14        86303             GER                                       Sorokin, Mikhail                               1935                      1

15        83183             GER                                       Denzin, Michael                               1917                      2

16        150509           DEN                                       Hjorth, Jesper                                   1894                      2

Group 0:

11-13 players

In strict order of Rating:

Category 8 (Ave 2426-2450 and more)

Category 7 (Ave 2401-2425)

Category 6 (Ave 2376-2400)

Category 5 (Ave 2351-2375)

Category 4 (Ave 2326-2350)

Category 3 (Ave 2301-2325)

Category 2 (Ave 2276-2300)

Category 1 (Ave 2251-2275)

Group 1:

11-13 players

Category. L (Ave 2226-2250)

Group 2:

11-13 players

Category. K (Ave 2201-2225)

Group 3:

11-13 players

Category J (Ave 2176-2200)

Group 4:

11-13 players

Category I (Ave 2151-2175)

Group 5:

11-13 players

Category. H (Ave 2126-2150)

Group 6:

11-13 players

Category. G (Ave 2101-2125)

Group 7:

9-11 players

Category. F (Ave 2076-2100)

Group 8:

9-11 players

Category. E (Ave 2051-2075)

Group 9:

9-11 players

Category. D (Ave 2026-2050)

Group 10:

9-11 players

Category. C (Ave 2001-2025)

Group 11:

9-11 players

Category. B (Ave 1976-2000)

Group 12:

9-11 players

Category. A (Ave 1951-1975)

Group 13:

7-9 players

No category (1950 or less)


1.- NUMBER OF TICKETS PER PLAYER: Each player can purchase a MAXIMUM OF TWO TICKETS. The first ticket will be used for their main tournament by Rating. The Second Entry will be intended for an EXTRA Tournament, mainly to complete a Tournament of the same Classification or, as an exception, to complete a Tournament with a Higher or Lower Ranking than theirs, provided that its inclusion does not change the average Tournament Rating.

2.- REGISTRATION CLOSING: October 5 for major tournaments that are completed with their maximum number of participants.

3.- TOURNAMENTS WILL BE CHARGED TO THE ICCF WEB SERVER: Between October 10 and October 15, the main tournaments that are completed with their maximum of Participants.

4.- REGISTRATION EXTENSION: From October 5, until completing the Maximum or Minimum Participants per Main Tournament or EXTRA, which will be immediately uploaded to the ICCF web server in what is completed.

5.- ORDERING AND STRUCTURING OF TOURNAMENTS: Both in the Main Categories 0 to 13 and in THE EXTRAS 0 to 13 tournaments, the strict order of Rating will be respected. In cases of equal qualification, the title will prevail first and then the highest number of games played.

6.- EXCEPTIONS IN QUALIFICATION: Chess player tickets with a higher or lower rating than required by the Category will be allowed, provided that the final average of its participants maintains the category to which it corresponds, this applies only to tournaments whose registration takes place after October 5, with the purpose to complete the maximum or minimum number of participants for the Main Tournament or EXTRA.

7.- DISPACKS IN FINAL TABLE OF POSITIONS: The order of the final positions will be defined by the largest number of points accumulated.

In case of a tie, the following shall prevail:

a) Number of victories (Baumbach system); 

b) Sonneborn Berger. 

Prizes in money are awarded according to the definition of the tiebreakers set out here.


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