New World Zone Update! News and Information!

The formation of the new World Zone is complete.
The member nations of the combined Zone 2 and Zone 3 have approved the statutes for the new World Zone. Likewise, we have elected officials for the zone. These are:

Director: Jason Bokar
Deputy Director: Gino Figlio
Finance Director: Gino Figlio
Tournament Director: Juan Martello
International Development Officer: Hermann Roesch
Auditor: Tom Biedermann
We will also be using a webpage for announcements and the webmaster job will be shared among Jason and Gino.
Although the World Zone consists of the previous Zone 2 (CADAP) and Zone 3 (NAPZ), the World Zone is open to any country/federation to join. During the congress in Albena, Bulgaria (2017) – we approved the following proposal:
2017-013 Regulating Zonal Membership Changes

We recommend federations may request a Zonal Membership Change not more often than once every 5 years. Also, players from these federations will default their qualifications to any zonal events in the former zone upon approval of the change. A Zonal Director (ZD) may reject an application of membership by a federation if the applying federation has history of not paying their membership dues in the previous zone.

Hence, starting January 1, 2018, we will be able to accept other federations into the World Zone. If you, as a delegate from a country in another zone, would like to explore this opportunity further, please don’t hesitate to contact either Gino or myself.
Additionally, please note the following:
• Our new website will have integrated tournament entry facilities, payment methods such as Paypal, credit and debit cards will be accepted. Players may also register via their national federations as well.
• The website will have a blog structure, we will encourage participation of all players, their feedback and comments will be welcome
• Our Zonal Championship will have a 4-stage structure allowing the best players to reach the final, we are striving for high category finals with qualification to the ICCF World Championship Candidates stage for the winner
• We will be organizing a new category of tournaments, the Class Championships. Players will be assigned to groups facing opponents in the same rating range. Points will be awarded based on final placings. Players with the most points at the end of the cycle will be announced as Class Champions. We expect these events to be not only rated but also to provide norms.
We think we will have very competitive and exciting tournaments and chances for all players in our Zone.
We look forward to an exciting new organization within the ICCF. Again, please don’t hesitate to contact either Gino or me.
World Zone Director – Jason Bokar (


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