4th Individual Interzonal Preliminaries- tournament announcement

The tournament organizer Everdinand Knol (RSA) has submitted the following tournament announcement:

Tournament Announcement
The purpose of this event is to develop the spirit of amici sumus among players worldwide (in all ICCF Zones) and to provide opportunities to qualify for title norms.
This event will start with a preliminary stage consisting of groups of 9 players each in categories 1 to 3.
Players can qualify for CCE, CCM and IM title norms.
The top three finishers of each group will qualify for the semi final stage in at least category 4.
Participants must have a fixed ICCF rating of between 2200 and 2375.
Players may register with their national delegates. Players from countries without a delegate may register in our online store.
The closing date for entries is 22 March 2020 and the tournament will start on 31 March 2020.


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