WZ Championship Finished Tournaments Statistics

This post describes the statistics of WZ Championship (WZ CH) tournaments that have finished up to date (April 28, 2020). This includes 16 tournaments and 597 games, with 78 candidates games, 330 semifinals games and 189 preliminaries games. To provide a reference, these WZ CH finished games are compared to the Chessbase 2020 Correspondence Database (CORR 2020).

Win, Loose or Draw

WZ Championship games end almost two thirds of the time in draws as compared with CORR 2020 that is closer to a third of games. Correspondingly there are more white and black wins in CORR 2020 than in WZ Championship matches.

ECO Openings

Regarding openings there is an even number between CORR 2020 and WZ Championship games in ECO A, but lower number in ECO B and C in WZ Championship games vs CORR 2020, and more games in WZ Championship games in openings classified as D an E than the comparison.


In terms of endings the profile of the WZ Championship games is very similar than the ones in CORR 2020. Only Rook vs Other Pieces and Rook and Minor Piece are somewhat higher in WZ Championship games. CORR 2020 has somewhat higher number of endgames in Pawn, Pure Rook and One Minor Piece endings.

Nicolas Ronderos

Nicolas Ronderos is an American ICCF Player. He is also a Good Companion Fellow at the US Chess Problem Society. He lives in Paris and tweets about CC as @CorrChess
  1. Gino Figlio left a comment on April 30, 2020 at 10:33 pm

    Nice. What are the date ranges for the CORR2020 games?. It would be nice to compare with games ending after Jan 2018 when the WZ was founded. It’s quire possible the increased number of draws has happened in recent years

    • Nicolas Ronderos left a comment on May 5, 2020 at 2:08 pm

      Comparing the WZ Championship finished games to Chessbase Correspondence Database 2020 games ending after January 2018 shows a very similar pattern as you suggested:

      CORR 2020: 1-0= 23.7%; 1/2-1/2= 59.3%; 0-1= 17.0%

      WZ CH: 1-0= 22.4%; 1/2-1/2= 61.1%; 0-1= 16.5%

  2. admin left a comment on May 30, 2020 at 10:29 am

    Yup, a few years ago Chessbase relied mostly on ICCF game database to cover correspondence chess. It is true that it is harder to win lately. I bet if you included player’s average rating in the analysis, the % of draws would be even higher for the higher rated

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