Update I Open Tournament Friends of Aristoteles

  • September 24, 2020
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  • Giraldo Menendez Rodriguez

I OPEN TOURNAMENT Friends of Aristoteles (CUB)

Game platform: ICCF web server

International open divided into two sections (classification list 2020-4)

         Main Section: For players with a rating higher than 2250, without categories. Players will be grouped in strict order of rating in sections of 11-13 players.

         Promotional Section: For players with a rating of 2250 or less, by category, which may vary by enrollment in a range not greater than 75 points.

Organizer: Cuban Postal Chess Federation (FECAP)

Valid for International Rating and Title Norms: GM, SIM, IM, CCM and CCE according group category.

Time Control: Triple Block (400)

A time of reflection guaranteed of 3 days after the movement 50 it is applied.

This tournament allows claims based on the seven-piece finals basis.

Date of upload to the ICCF web server: October 10 to October 15, 2020.

Official start date: October 30, 2020.

Prizes: Paid by PayPal

– 40 EUROS for the winner of each section in groups 0.

– 30 EUROS for the winner of each section in groups 1 to 3.

– 25 EUROS to the winner of each section in groups 4 to 6.

– 20 EUROS for the winner of each section in groups 7 to 13.

Registration per participant: 10 EUROS (plus PayPal commission) via PayPal (dehm1963@gmail.com)

TO: David E. Hernández Molina (CUB)

TD: IA David E. Hernández Molina (CUB)

 Entries I OPEN TOURNAMENT Friends of Aristoteles

The life essence is: Serve others, do good things and play chess.

Answers to: giraldomr@nauta.cu, dehm1963@gmail.com

List of Players, Updated 09/24/2020 

1516628USAIMMarbourgh, Denny24711
2690587CUBIMFernández Martínez, Juan C.24501
385280GERCCMHoppenstein, Michael           24491
4690557CUBIMPérez López, Alberto24451
585063GERSIMRook, Detlef24421
640500BELSIMMignon, Frederic24371
7690507CUBSIMVertiz Gutierrez, Pedro L.24361
8810161WALCCMSherwood, Russell24352
981015GERSIMSchmidt, Theo24321
10149253RUSIMIlyin, Pavel Egorovic24321
1185550GERIMHameister, Raik24321
12690023CUBSIMSalcedo Mederos, Pablo24311
13570027LUXIMSchuller, Jean-Claude24311
1421387ARGIM (FIDE)Iermito, Sebastián24242
15360341NORGMHaugen, Arild24221
16150996DENIMKonstantinov, Maksim24221
17440423ROUIMLakatos, Stefan24221
18429151POLIMSzerlak, Andrzej24182
19440735ROUCCMRistea, Tudor24161
2070490BRASIMMitsuo Fuzishawa, Richard24031
21120101COLCCMBernal Valera, Nelson24021
22530218VENCCMGraterol, Servelion23991
23690501CUBCCMVila Hernández, Carlos23891
24420186POLSIMBaranowski, Tadeusz 23881
25161320ESPCCMCacheiro Martínez, Martin23881
26160017ESPIMLanz Calavia, José María23852
27690485CUBCCMMenéndez Rodríguez, Giraldo23841
28100503SUICCMSchmalz, Peter23841
2985375GERCCMDe Hormont, Rene23821
30241797ITACCMBrunori, Valerio23822
31212397ENGCCMMcDermott, Frank J.23811
32510980USAIMSchackel, Corky23801
33690049CUBCCMKamanel Zamora, Juan F.23771
3485537GERIMJacobs, Rudolf23681
3581417GERCCMLukas, Norbert23661
36620426SCOCCMCumming, David R.23632
37360624NORCCEFremmegaard, Jens Tore23572
38240419ITACCMMarchisotti, Mauro23561
39910073LATCCMGulbis, Harijs23522
40515471USACCMNenneman, Daniel23511
41690484CUBCCMFernández Medina, Etienne23501
42510836USASIMMillistone, Michael23451
43212008ENGCCMWilliams, Richard23441
4485203GERCCMRabler, Arndt23421
45370906NEDIMLagemaat, Gert23322
46690561CUBCCMUtrera Zunda, Evelio23271
47421179POLCCMWoznica, Miroslav23261
4885521GERCCMMilde, Lars23251
4982377GERSIMTieman, Hagen23211
50530050VENCCMGuaimare, Carlos Luis23181
51429136POLCCMSodomski, Anddrzej23131
52370273NEDCCERaijmaekers, Cees H. W.23121
5370981BRASIMGonzalez, Bolivar Ribeiro23071
54160669ESPCCMAlfaro de Hombre, Jose M.23061
5589488GERCCMWeddel, Lutz23011
56690538CUBCCMdel Toro Montoya, Yovany23001
57690287CUBCCMVega Palma, Manuel22971
58141107RUSCCEPopov, Vladimir Valentinovich22951
59690184CUBCCEEchenique Hilario, Miguel22921
60690132CUBCCECorujedo Hernandez, Rafael22821
61690001CUBCCERangel Garcia, Raul22811
62517327USACCEWalton, John22781
63340284MEXCCEHernández Martínez, Jerónimo22771
64240683ITACCESardella, Antonio22761
65750034BLRCCEMatsukevich, Vladimir Vladimirovich22751
6684199GERCCEEckhard, Heide22631
6790893CANCCEVillenueve, Robert22621
68230665HUN Csiba, Tibor22342
69210942ENGCCEReed, Arthur F.22321
7082188GERCCERichter, Wolfgang22021
71620775ESC Buchan, Allan21981
72100199SUI Steinhauser, Viktor21851
73160739ESP Romero Valencia, Fernando21601
74213011ENG Bailey, Matthew W.21581
75790049PAN Carrillo Pujol, Jose21291
76421319POL Babecki, Bogdan22181
77370844NED Velde, Meint van der20881
78690261CUB Azpiri Medina, Luis20791
79460536FIN Lahdenmaki, Leo20681
80517666USA Docevski, Boris20481
81212273ENG Bruce, Robert20121
82240652ITA Sparnacini, Stefano19831
8383183GER Denzin, Michael19402
84429112POL Kaminski, Janus19281
8590220CAN Sladek, Vaclav19171
8686303GER Sorokin, Mikhail19061
87469015FIN Saharinen, Petri18951
88150509DEN Hjorth, Jesper18392
89941189UKR Sazonov, Nicolaj18111
90690645CUB Pérez Jorrin, Ernie Arturo(1800)1
91690641CUB González Benítez, Pedro Luis(1800)1

Group 0:

11-13 players

In strict order of Rating:

Category 8 (Ave 2426-2450 and more)

Category 7 (Ave 2401-2425)

Category 6 (Ave 2376-2400)

Category 5 (Ave 2351-2375)

Category 4 (Ave 2326-2350)

Category 3 (Ave 2301-2325)

Category 2 (Ave 2276-2300)

Category 1 (Ave 2251-2275)

Group 1:

11-13 players

Category. L (Ave 2226-2250)

Group 2:

11-13 players

Category. K (Ave 2201-2225)

Group 3:

11-13 players

Category J (Ave 2176-2200)

Group 4:

11-13 players

Category I (Ave 2151-2175)

Group 5:

11-13 players

Category. H (Ave 2126-2150)

Group 6:

11-13 players

Category. G (Ave 2101-2125)

Group 7:

9-11 players

Category. F (Ave 2076-2100)

Group 8:

9-11 players

Category. E (Ave 2051-2075)

Group 9:

9-11 players

Category. D (Ave 2026-2050)

Group 10:

9-11 players

Category. C (Ave 2001-2025)

Group 11:

9-11 players

Category. B (Ave 1976-2000)

Group 12:

9-11 players

Category. A (Ave 1951-1975)

Group 13:

7-9 players

No category (1950 or less)


1.- NUMBER OF TICKETS PER PLAYER: Each player can purchase a MAXIMUM OF TWO TICKETS. The first ticket will be used for their main tournament by Rating. The Second Entry will be intended for an EXTRA Tournament, mainly to complete a Tournament of the same Classification or, as an exception, to complete a Tournament with a Higher or Lower Ranking than theirs, provided that its inclusion does not change the average Tournament Rating.

2.- REGISTRATION CLOSING: October 5 for major tournaments that are completed with their maximum number of participants.

3.- TOURNAMENTS WILL BE CHARGED TO THE ICCF WEB SERVER: Between October 10 and October 15, the main tournaments that are completed with their maximum of Participants.

4.- REGISTRATION EXTENSION: From October 5, until completing the Maximum or Minimum Participants per Main Tournament or EXTRA, which will be immediately uploaded to the ICCF web server in what is completed.

5.- ORDERING AND STRUCTURING OF TOURNAMENTS: Both in the Main Categories 0 to 13 and in THE EXTRAS 0 to 13 tournaments, the strict order of Rating will be respected. In cases of equal qualification, the title will prevail first and then the highest number of games played.

6.- EXCEPTIONS IN QUALIFICATION: Chess player tickets with a higher or lower rating than required by the Category will be allowed, provided that the final average of its participants maintains the category to which it corresponds, this applies only to tournaments whose registration takes place after October 5, with the purpose to complete the maximum or minimum number of participants for the Main Tournament or EXTRA.

7.- DISPACKS IN FINAL TABLE OF POSITIONS: The order of the final positions will be defined by the largest number of points accumulated.

In case of a tie, the following shall prevail:

a) Number of victories (Baumbach system); 

b) Sonneborn Berger. 

Prizes in money are awarded according to the definition of the tiebreakers set out here.

Giraldo Menendez Rodriguez

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