WZ -Correspondence Chess Expert (CCE)

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  • Groups of 11 players.
  • Requirements: rated 2100-2199, or qualifiers from Higher Class regardless of rating.
  • Top 2 places advance to WZ Master Norm event.

3 reviews for WZ -Correspondence Chess Expert (CCE)

  1. Ralph G. Wimmer

    Is it possible to play in the tournament?
    My elo 2166 (ICCF ID: 85785, Ralph G.Wimmer)
    email: rgwmail@gmail.com

    Best regards, Ralph G.Wimmer

    • admin

      Yes, you meet rating requirements

  2. yasset2020

    Hi I have signed up for a tournament how long does it take for these to start REVIEW FOR WZ PROMOTION-MASTER CLASS, my rating is 2121 ICCF 690558,
    do you have open offers that award prizes?

    • admin

      You signed up for a different tournament, check the respective wait list. Tournaments start once the section is complete. No tournaments with cash prizes at this time

  3. yasset2020

    Greetings if I have seen, it is the first time that I pay for the registration myself and I do not master the page where they have the offers well, some like they are not updated, this tends to confuse new users. I imagine that then they would place me in a tournament according to or canceled and my rating?

    • admin

      Your entries will be processed and if you do not qualify for an event, you will receive a refund

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