WZ Promotion-Higher Class

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  • Groups of 7 players.
  • Requirements: rated between 1900-2099 or qualifiers from Open Class tournaments regardless of rating.
  • Top two places advance to Master Class events.

2 reviews for WZ Promotion-Higher Class

  1. Jose Carrillo (verified owner)

    My iccf account is 790049

    I won the event 80690


    • admin

      Of course you may register in this event, we will add you to the entries list as soon as your payment arrives

  2. bubbajoelouis

    Higher Class is great, and a good value. You will have som etough games, and people are getting used to the pace of correspondence chess.

    However, there are entirely too many “Early Draws”. I recommend players not draw until at least move 60. Make your opponent climb the entire mountain and not fall. 😉

    Also, be prepared for those who slow their play as a passive-aggressive way to drag out their lost position. If you are in a losing position, have the sportsmanship to resign graciously and early. At “Higher Level”, many newer players may experience their first loss on ICCF, and can react poorly.

    amici sumus!

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